Embedding Images

Hi everyone

Got Scriv today and I’m creating an eBook.

The book is made up of articles with pictures in each…

When I import my word file with images in it, I can get the pictures up in the research section.

The problem? I can’t move them. It’s like they’re stuck and I can’t find anyway to embed/move them properly.

Any assistance would be amazing!


I think you are wanting it to work like a word processor and it doesn’t. I think it treats images as text? I don’t know but I am very disappointed with the inability to insert images and position them in the document also. I am noticing about an inch of space between the top of the image and the next line of text that I am unable to get rid of.

It is true that Scrivener is not designed to work like a word processor in every respect. It is designed for gathering research and drafting, with final formatting to be done in a full-on word processor. I have to admit, though, that at least with regard to handling images, this seems somewhat inconsistent with its ability to do e-publishing (a feature I don’t use myself, and so can’t comment on).

Pure image files can be imported and stored only inside the Research folder. Inside the Draft folder you can store only text files. The text files can contain images. You might want to check the included Tutorial Project and go through it quickly. It will help you understand Scrivener better and make better use of its functionality.

I was able to get rid of the large space above an image by changing the line spacing for that section to single space with 0 pt above and below. If you don’t change this setting and insert a large image you are going to have an proportionally large space before and after the image. All better now.

The tutorial was great, thanks for recommending it, I am more of a learn-as-I-go person, but it took me about an hour and was quick and very easy to follow and gave me a great idea of what options I have at my disposal in the future.