Embedding Linked Reference Files with Screenplay Output

First off, thanks for your help and sorry if this is totally a blonde moment question…

I’ve searched over the course of several days about how to get a document output of a screenplay that we’re working on with links for mood and style that we want to include with the digital version of the script for people to read (preferably in PDF). The director wants to include clickable images for the studio along with the script, but doesn’t want the images in the actual body of the script, as to not interrupt the reading process, if need be. Basically, we’re trying an interactive doc from the Scrivener file… a self contained large “mother” file that will link to other sub reference files.

The camera moves through the army, where we see Character X, Character Y, and Character Z battling the impending doom - we slingshot up for an arial view of the carnage.

We’d like to be able to click on for example:
Character X and it’d bring up a series of inspirational character designs for this Character X.
or a link to an embedded file that visually shows the style of what we’re thinking for the arial shot a la (final battle in A Video Game cinematic),

I’ve tried using links within scrivener and can only view them within the actual scrivener program. I’m not sure if there’s an actual way to included them in some sort of output format.

I think that was clear as mud, but hopefully you get the idea of what I’m trying to do. I hope there’s a semi simple solution that I’m just not getting, but maybe I’m crazy :slight_smile:

I really appreciate your time and help!

This isn’t a really easy thing to do, mainly because PDF is not really designed to operate as a file hub. You can, to be perfectly clear, link to other files from within a PDF, and in such a way you could create a hyperlink in your script pointing to some JPEG on your computer, and when you compiled to PDF that link should still be there and be clickable, and load the JPEG in Preview.

However, that link is hard-coded to the specifics of your computer. If you move this PDF and the JPEG to another computer, it is very likely that the link will no longer work.

There are a couple of solutions that can help:

  1. If everyone is on a Mac, you can store your “extras” in a DMG. This will attach to your Desktop like a disk—it’s what stuff like Scrivener is distributed on. You can make your own, and the nice thing about them is that no matter what computer you open the DMG on, it will have the same file identifier; it’s “path”. The downside is that you have to teach everyone how to use a DMG, and of course the PDF links won’t work if the DMG is closed.
  2. You provide your “extras” on the Web. You need a website host, but once you have them uploaded you can just link to them from Scrivener like anything else on the Internet. Of course the downside there is that it is slower, and everyone needs to be able to get to the WWW for it to work.

Neither of these are very fancy and dynamic. You’re just loading files off of your computer, but I think what you are looking for, in a sense, doesn’t really exist—at least not in a format that Scrivener can handle.