Embedding special fonts within paragraphs in ebooks

I have written a book that uses a non-standard font in many places, not for entire paragraphs but for individual words and occasionally single characters. Is there a way to compile an ebook so that these font changes are included? It involves embedding the used subset of the font and also including each of the individual font-style changes. As near as I can tell, the compiler not only ignores those changes but also strips out the style codes.


Both epub and mobi format allow the reader to change both the font and the size of it on the ebook reader, so your special fonts would have to be included in the ebook in all possible sizes and somehow be locked so it doesn’t change when the reader changes the font setup. If I remember correctly, Kindle doesn’t allow special fonts and neither do Smashwords. iBookstore? Don’t think so.

Maybe pdf is the best format for you?

If you have special headings, you can use images instead.
For my title page, Kindle wouldn’t allow me to retain the font style, so I simply made it into an image instead. I know a lot of authors who do this.