Embedding Videos

I’m having trouble embedding videos into a .epub format with Scrivener. I import a library of videos into my research folder and then drag and drop the videos into my draft and they will play in scrivener, but when I compile to a .epub format they will not play in my Nook app, and just shows up as text rather than a link that opens a video. Any insight to this problem? And yes I am using a nook compatible format, I used QuickTime to export my videos into m4v format.

There is no capacity for embedding video files into the text editor in the first place. If you drop a video file into a text editor, it gets added as a hyperlink to a file—which will break once it is removed from that filesystem. At this time there is no support for multimedia output in the software. You should use placeholders and assemble them into the finished ePub file after compiling using whatever method Barnes & Noble recommends for their format. There isn’t really a standard amongst commonly owned readers out there for multimedia, so you often have to handcraft the codes for each vendor. You’ll probably also want to have some kind of fallback graphic available for devices that cannot play video (which is going to be most of them).