Embedding Videos


Seeing as how HTML docs, Webarchives, PDF docs, ePub docs, and Word docs (docx) all support embedding video, I would suggest that Scrivener be able to embed video in its documents, just as well as it can embed images. Currently, there’s no way to do this. I’ve tried dragging and dropping MP4 and QuickTime videos; doesn’t work. Tried using the Insert Image option; doesn’t work. Tried importing a .docx that has an embedded video; doesn’t work. There’s literally no way to do this in Scrivener, which is very disappointing. Since all these other formats support the option of having embedded video, it doesn’t make much sense that Scrivener can’t do it. SO, I’m requesting that as a feature — that there be an “Insert Video” option inserted into the Edit menu, and that if it’s not too much to ask, for it to have a “Scale Video” option just like “Scale Image” does for images once embedded. :smiley:

—Andy H.