Emoji renders as a square in collections title

I don’t know if it’s intended or not but I noticed that when you put an emoji in a collection title, it disappears when not in said collection (it renders an empty square like a blank character). See image.
Untitled 2

Is it something L&L can change or is it my configuration maybe ?

Hmm, I’m guessing the basic text field that is used for the collection title does not have the necessary technology to switch fonts if it encounters an unrecognised character. It probably does the same thing if you try in a binder title as well?

If so that might be tough for us to fix, as that’s a lot of internal wiring to get a plain-text field to have more than one font displaying it, but I’ll put a note in to see if maybe there is another kind of field we can use here that is better.

It works well in the binder, I use it sometimes (for mixed POV in a scene or special scenes like here, a dream sequence with “zZz” (Yeah, I’m a simple man)) :
Untitled 1

And it does work in collection titles but only when you are in focus. When it’s out of focus (say, you move to a different collection or back to the binder), it switches to a square.
The only difference is the font weight changing from bold to normal.

Thanks for investigating anyway :+1:

Oh I see, sorry, it’s this emoji in itself that is not recognized as it does not work in the binder, you’re right.
So yeah, that’s another problem here. :thinking:

Hmm, okay, well that’s too bad as I was hoping that it might have been a solved problem elsewhere and we could just apply that idea to another field. But like I suggest it’s probably just a core limitation in the text field type overall, it doesn’t support emoji.

But like I say, I’ll put it on the list to see if there is something else we can use.

Knowing this, it’s not this big of a problem for me, I’ll just switch to another emoji then.
Have a good day !

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Oh, since it does seem to be a specific emoji that matters, could you either paste it here or give the formal name of it? I can sort of see it in the screenshot, but I’m not sure what I’m looking at.

It was :red_gift_envelope: but don’t worry, I chose it at random and stuck with it. I just needed something red.
It’s weird though because this one in particular appears and disappears. Some don’t appear at all (as an empty square) and some, like :diamonds: display as old monochrome windings/webdings.

There was the same issue with old LibreOffice versions. Now I think every emoji displays correctly.

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