Empty compile contents

Hi. I’ve had this challenge for several months, but have been copying/pasting. Now, I need an answer. I haven’t been able to do any Scrivener updates, so I’m using from Oct. 2013. I can’t compile anything. Nothing shows up in the window to be compiled.

Why isn’t my project showing up in the window after I press compile?


I’ve split this into a new topic, as it doesn’t sound like the same issue as the users facing trouble with the DOC/DOCX converters. If nothing is showing up in the Contents area of the Compile window, most likely the problem is that your documents are not contained in the Draft folder in the binder. Possibly they’re below it in the list but at the same letter, rather than inside it. The Draft folder may be called “Manuscript” or something else, depending on the template you used when creating the projcet or if you renamed it. It will have a special icon, like this:
If you drag your manuscript documents onto that folder, they’ll be moved inside it and should then appear in the compile contents.