Empty folder disappears

It appears that an empty folder disappears after saving and closing the program if there is no content inside of them (no picture, pdf, or text), even if the folder has a name and description/synopsis.

In more detail: I had accidentally put my text inside of the folder description rather than as a separate text document, and had thought I lost the information. I went back to the backup of the save that happened right before and was able to restore the missing folder by creating one which had exactly the same name and location in Scrivener, but later versions of the Scrivener project cannot restore this disappearing folder at all.

That would be very strange, as a folder in Scrivener is little different than a file (internally it’s all just an outline, with folders having one extra flag indicating their status)—so by the logic a text file in a folder is extremely similar to a folder without any subdocuments, and neither should be removed involuntarily under any circumstances.

What seems more likely to me is that the project is stored in an unstable location (like a Dropbox folder) and sync conflicts have confused the project, making it so that you loaded an old version of the binder itself, prior to having made the folder to begin with. Are you using something like that to share the project over the Internet?