empty lines between blocks/paragraphs for windows beta 05

Referring to this topic here, how would I do this with the windows beta 05 version?

I tried every possible thing, two spaces after the end of line, this several times (should give me a
) each time, nada, nothing. I checked the compile options, didn’t find anything.

Now this is slowly eating up my time and distracting me quite a bit from my writing. I’m getting under the impression, that I shouldn’t take the road mmd->tex atm. I would love to go it, but it seems that the mmd integration isn’t quite there yet.

I saw some other new export options, like .odt and .fodt. Would it be safer right now to use these?


I don’t really get what you’re looking for - could you provide some sample pages from your LaTeX PDF output and explain what should be different?

Hi Franz-Josef:

What I am trying to achieve is an empty line between a paragraph.

First text

Second text

What I get is:

First text
Second text

I tried adding two and more spaces after the line and before a return which should be the equivalent to
. But even adding several
the mmd-way didn’t help.

Exporting to .fodt worked fine though, so I think that I will stick to this, being that I have only little time left and experimenting is too time costly right now.

Mind though, that I blame nobody, I know that a beta is beta and some things could work differently than expected.

Do you want additional space between 2 single paragraphs? Then you can use the TeX command


which puts vertical space of 1 base line height in your doc.

You have to wrap it as comment in Scrivener, like

Or do you want additional space between all the paragraphs in your doc?

Isn’t this a little bit of an overkill? On the mac it’s a simple - space space return - for every new line.

Having to add some latex-code for a simple newline is like shooting with an atom-bomb on a little birdy. :wink:

So you mean newline? What you get doing Shift+Enter in Word?

This is \ in TeX, and MMD should convert to blanks to it.

Nah, won’t want to insert tex-code for simple newlines. I’m going to stick with the .fodt export which works just fine. It’s not latex, but at least it works as expected (besides the pictures, but the workaround is just fine for now). Funny, that mmd->LibreOffice works so nice, but mmd->tex has its quirks :confused:

I’ve got 30.000 chars to write the next few days, so I just want things to work…