Empty page with double line before Chapter 1 in ePub

Here’s my front matter:

Here’s what appears after the front matter and before Chapter 1:

How can I get rid of that?

The output would probably make more sense if you typed in a title for these two front matter sections, rather than leaving their titles adapted to the content within them. This, in conjunction with the (I’m assuming) “Section with Title (Bordered)” section layout, is generating the title borders even though the section doesn’t have a title.

The reason it is doing that is that even though the title is left blank and thus nothing is by default printed in the title area between the bordered lines, there is still technically content enough to trigger the title block (a carriage return and a numbering reset placeholder).

What would probably be the simplest approach, if your front matter does not use titled sections, is to simply assign those types of documents to a Layout that doesn’t print a heading. If you do need a title on some of them but not others, then your best approach would be to create a modified variant of the layout you are using that works more flexibly:

  1. Remove the carriage return from the suffix (I’d say paragraph spacing is probably a better way of handling space than an empty line anyway).
  2. Remove the auto-number layout placeholder from the prefix. I’m assuming you don’t need it for front matter anyway.

With both the title and suffix boxes empty you should find the whole title block is removed if there is no title to print.

Thanks, AmberV. I’m not sure I fully understand, but your explanation got me to a point where the double line is now gone, so thanks!

This is not a new issue, but a follow on question … my front matter is appearing in the TOC. How can I exclude them?

You would need to create your own table of contents page, rather than use the automatically generated one, as described §22.2, Contents in eBooks, in the user manual PDF, pg. 542.

I suspected that. Thanks, I’ll RT*M! :smiley: