Empty Projects, Empty Lives

I have just found that five projects of mine contain no files.

When I try to open any of them, Scrivener reports they cannot be opened and that I should control-click on the project and choose Show Package Contents. When I do this, there are no files of any kind within. I know there used to be files there and other related projects have files.

I find I am usually the cause of my own problems with Scrivener. What did I do?

Where did you have them? On your Mac? On OneDrive? Dropbox?

They were on my Mac in my Dropbox folder.

Only you yourself can answer that question, but you must have done something. Scrivener doesn’t spontaneously erase anything, but it is possible to manually erase the content of projects.

The critical thing to do at this point is to immediately copy your projects’ backups to a different folder from the specified Scrivener backup folder, so that you can recover your projects from them.

I don’t use DB but I found this on their site. There’s a number of suggestions, depending upon the circumstance, on how to possibly recover files that’ve gone missing.

Thanks for the help. I’ll look into it and get back.

The Dropbox deleted files feature may save you, but so also should Scrivener’s own backups (locate them by clicking the button at the bottom of the Backup preference pane). Depending upon how well you take care of the (or if you’ve never bothered, how often you close the project), you might have the last best copy available for them all.

For the Dropbox website when you restore deleted files, there is a button to show all versions, I’d click that and check to see what might have deleted them. It won’t be terribly specific, but for example it would print “Web” and a date & time, if you used the site itself to delete the file, and it should otherwise print which machine or device and the time it happened. That might provide you with a clue as to what happened.

I have tried all suggestions and the files are gone in all locations. My last chance is to ressurect a dead backup drive.

I’m sure I deleted the wrong version at some point and Scrivener was not the cause.

Thanks for the help.