Empty returns between paragraphs

Hi all

New to Scrivener here, trying to figure out a feature. When I write, I always leave empty returns (blank lines) between paragraphs because I post a lot to various html-based workshops that require this to avoid having the text be scrambled together. In word, when ready to submit, I could always replace all “^p^p” with “^p” to convert to a no-blank-lines standard manuscript style. This replace command doesn’t work in Scrivener, and compile story gives me an output that still has blank lines between paragraphs (not good). How do I deal with this? Thanks

Thanks for trying Scriv.

Well, compile draft naturally compiles your story as is - it wouldn’t make sense for it to try to remove empty lines given that there may be empty lines you want to keep.

You can replace empty lines within a text document by doing Find and Replace, though - just hold down the Option key to enter a return character into the Find text field.

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Thanks, that works.