Empty Scrollbar Tracks in Page View

When in Wrap to Page mode, I occasionally get empty scrollbar tracks–horizontal and vertical–flickering on and off while resizing the window. E.g. I might zoom to fit screen and the bars will appear, but dragging the window smaller and then larger again will make them disappear. The tracks show up without an actual bar in them and in instances where there shouldn’t be a scroll:
empty tracks.png

I only seem to get this in Wrap to Page mode; it happens regardless of whether the header and footer or binder and inspector are visible. Also doesn’t matter if it’s one or two pages across. Even when the vertical scroll bar is legitimately there, an empty horizontal track sometimes appears across the bottom as well or a glitch at the bottom of the vertical scrollbar, though without a full bar across the bottom:
buggy scrollbar.png

The only instructions I can give for this is to have a single editor open in page view and then drag to resize the Scrivener window a bit; it doesn’t seem to have a pattern that I’ve discerned. There must be something triggering it, because it doesn’t happen all the time (for instance, I just quit and restarted Scrivener, and now for the life of me I can’t get it to happen), but I don’t get any console messages about it specifically. I got these messages earlier–nothing noticeable to me at the time, but perhaps they’re related?

1/26/11 3:44:31 PM Scrivener[8136] NSWindow does not support utility styleMask 0x10
1/26/11 9:13:59 PM Scrivener[9276] failed to send request 0: -1

(EDIT: In retrospect, I’d restarted Scrivener since the first of those, so I’m not sure it matters.)

Anything you can think of that I might be doing that would cause this? I’ll report back if I figure it out, of course. :neutral_face:


Scroll bars in Cocoa are notoriously dodgy, so I don’t think it’s anything you are doing nor anything I can fix. It only happens in page mode because the regular view doesn’t have a horizontal scroll bar at all. In page mode, it has both a horizontal and vertical scroll bar and is set to automatically hide them. It is the latter that is the problem. When scroll bars in Cocoa are set to be automatically hidden, they appear or disappear depending on whether the view shows all of its document or not. But the Cocoa scroll view is very aggressive in trying to work it out, trying to work it out all the time the view is resizing and not always getting it right. Sometimes you might get a scrollbar when there doesn’t need to be one, just a blank bar, and a slight tweak to the window size will get rid of it. This is all down to the internal Cocoa scroll bar calculations, though. The only solution would be for me to turn off the automatically-hiding behaviour, but I don’t like having a blank scrollbar across the bottom when it isn’t needed because it takes up vertical space (I don’t mind the vertical scroll bar being blank so much). So I figure the pay off for the occasional glitchy resizing behaviour is worth it.

All the best,

Ah, perfect. That’s fine, and it’s easy to get rid of by just dragging the window in and out a bit–and yes, hidden and slightly glitchy is much better than always showing. I just figured I must be doing something odd and causing the problem; good to know I’m not breaking things. Thanks!