Empty Trash = Crash

Hi, I’m using Version 2.0b NaNoWriMo 2010 Preview (5736) and every time i attempt to empty the trash the program crash and closes. I sent the report after reopening, but wanted to post here as well to possibly get some feedback on this.

I have 90 crash reports sitting waiting for me to get through (which will mostly be the same issues), and I’ve barely had time to look at any of them yet, sorry. I will get to yours as soon as I can.

I’ve never seen this, though, and never had it reported from any of the beta-testers, so there must be some specifics at play. What OS are you on (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard)? Does it happen with all projects? That is, if you create a new project, move something to the Trash and go to empty it, does it crash? Or is it just with an existing project? If the latter, how big? Can you send us the project (to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com)?


Hello, I’m using Leopard. I tried creating a new project and emptying the trash there, and it worked fine with no crash.
So it seems like it’s my specific project, which is still quite small (1.5MB) as I haven’t begun writing the actual manuscript yet (NaNo hasn’t begun) but merely filled out some basic outline information and notes…
I tried attaching the file to an email to send to (support At etc… ) but for some reason yahoo wouldn’t allow me to (maybe it doesn’t recognize the file type?)
Maybe I should try creating a new project and just copy/pasting all my existing content into it, and start from there? (Before the chaos of NaNo begins)

I attempted the latter and before I copied everything over to it I did a few empty tests and everything worked fine until I threw away the Template Sheets folder in my Binder. and it crashed when i tried to empty the trash. So I took that folder out of the trash in my original project and was able to empty the trash no problem. So i guess problem solved.
My only question about that is, Why can you open a blank document which doesn’t contain that folder in the binder, but if you try to remove that folder in the binder of a project created using the NaNo template it crashes? Is there another way to remove that folder from my Binder since I have no need for it to be there (since I can use the drop menu to create Character sheets as needed?

Actually, that folder is what lets you make “character sheets” in the menu. :slight_smile: Scrivener is very flexible and doesn’t have anything like character sheets hard-wired into it. You can however, make template folders like this example, and anything you put into that folder will be added to that menu making it easy to create new copies. So if you are using the character sheets, might not want to actually delete that folder! That is where you can modify them to your taste, and make new menu items.

I’m not sure what is causing the crash though. I tried deleting a live template folder from my NaNo project and the trash emptied without complaint.

I see, I saw they were accessible from the drop down menu, but didn’t realize they were only there because they were in the folder that was lurking in my binder.
So far I haven’t been using them, and thought I’d just delete them from the binder for now, just to have one less thing cluttering what is sure to develop into a hot mess over the course of november, and figured I’d just grab them from the drop down menu if & when I needed them later.
Thanks for your assistance (both of you) I love the program so far and I haven’t even started writing the actual story itself yet!

If you aren’t using them, yeah, might as well. If you ever want them back in the menu, you can just quickly create another novel template project, drag them back into your main project from binder to binder, and then delete the temporary project.


Thanks for the extra information. I can’t reproduce this yet (but then I don’t have a Leopard system handy and it may be a Leopard-related bug), but the fact that it is caused by the Templates Sheet being in the Trash folder may prove very useful as I go through the crash reports - I’m now in bug-fixing mode so will be going through all these crash reports over the next few days.

All the best,

No problem, glad my misfortune can be of service! :laughing:

Good luck squashing all the bugs, the program is amazing, love it!


I think I’ve squashed the crash-on-trash bug now, so please re-download and re-install Scrivener to see if it fixes the issue.

It worked.

After deleting the program, I opened up my project from the backup on my iPod, and it let me throw away the template sheets folder, without crashing.

P.S. deleting it was horrifying, a large part of my brain was screaming “No! You’ll lose everything you’ve written!!!”

Thanks for all you help.

Great! Glad it worked! And remember that all your projects are entirely separate to the program, so deleting Scrivener itself won’t touch your projects. :slight_smile:
All the best,