Empty Tutorial???

I’m very confused. I create the new project choosing the Interactive Tutorial, but then the project that loads has a hierarchical structure on the left hand side but every single item I click seems to have no content. The main area where I would expect text to show up remains empty no matter where I go.

Surely this can’t be right.

See attached.

It looks like the tutorial didn’t fully create itself properly. No problem, just close it and delete the whole tutorial folder ending in “.scriv”, wherever you created it, then make a new one and see if that works better.

Sorry, I should have stated I already tried that. I deleted the item, Scrivener detected it when I restarted, and I created a new one, but same problem.

Okay, it might be the installation is damaged then. If you still have the installer .exe you could try running that again, or to be more thorough, uninstall first and then run the installer. If the original is bad, no amount of rebuilding it will work.

The re-install did fix the issue. Thanks!