Enable Negative Session Targets?

Hello, Scrivener.

I’ve seen this topic touched on back in 2016-2017, but, after a search of the forums, I’m not sure I’ve seen it addressed by the dev team so I’ll re-introduce it.

Am I wrong to think that the auto-calculation of session targets could fairly easily be reprogrammed to show negative session targets (during the painful cutting phase of manuscript development)?

For example, in the attached illustration it would be great if the session target showed -400 words. Is this possible / desirable?

Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 13.44.22

I think there is. You can go to Project > project targets > options > session target > allow negatives. Not sure how to input a negative target though…
Also, in project > writing history it does tell you negative numbers, which are the words/characters you have erased, so it should be possible.

Well, I was thinking it would automatically calculate a negative session target if there is an overflow (as in my example above). I’ve tried playing with “allow negatives” but it doesn’t seem to translate into auto-calculated negative session targets to reduce total word count to the targeted figure.