Enable option-click in Outliner

It is a fairly standard Mac convention to allow an option-clicked checkmark to enact the same change to every item in the current list. This way, one could enable or disable something like export inclusion for a range of documents simulataneously. Given that sub-documents are often parts of the parent document, this would be a useful ability.

Is it?

But in an outliner, like the one in Scrivener, would that apply to only visible documents, or to those that are contained inside collapsed groups too? Couldn’t that be a source of confusion? I would think it should only apply to visible documents, so that you could apply it to top-level groups only should you wish, but I bet there’s a user out there who would disagree. :slight_smile:


The way Photoshop handles it is that all visible elements get toggled. Children of collapsed items are not effected, unless the container has been opened. Other than that example, I cannot think of any non-flat list applications that provide an option-click toggle.

If I implement this, it would only apply to visible items, because this makes more sense to me, too.

Maria - please try to stay on-topic; I have already answered the opt-click thing, which already exists, and I’m sure we already had that conversation a couple of weeks ago.


Maria, I apologise, I thought it was you who had asked about this before, but it was alexwein:

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Don’t stay out of the discussions - I have said before, I’m human and touchy occasionally, especially on a Saturday morning with a hangover and two children screaming around the house. :slight_smile: