Enable Substitutions in Synopses

Please would you enable Substitutions (File… Options… Corrections… enabled additional substitutions) in Synopses.

My Rationale: I use character initials as Substitution keys to save me typing (and possibly mistyping) character names; I type character names a lot in synopses. Having to use e.g. the Notes pane to take advantage of substitutions, then copying and pasting to the synopsis is frustrating extra work.

The synopsis panel, I have been told, as very limited text processing capabilities. (None actually. No more than NotePad.)

So it can’t handle this.

One thing you could do though, is invert the use you do of it with the notes panel.
Use the note panel for your synopsis, and vice versa.

Then, if at compile you want your notes to appear where the synopsis normally is, uncheck this in your compile format’s layouts :

If you want the synopsis (now your notes) at the end, where notes usually are, uncheck it from the layout, but use a placeholder in the layouts’ suffix.

I know it doesn’t and I know the current capabilities are limited, hence the request… I don’t think it should be hard (I try not to ask for the moon). Formatting, styles, etc. are unnecessary, just keep track of keystrokes, and trigger substitutions.

However, just maybe the QT class would need to be changed and there is no class that only does plain text plus substitutions, in which case a reasoned rejection would inform similar requests in future.

My philosophy: don’t ask, don’t get :slight_smile:

It’s rather too late to swap Notes & Synopsis usage, and I really hate perverting the the purposes of meaningfully named things, but the suggestion is appreciated – and thanks for the snapshots of the compile options… that was a useful reminder.

Cheers, J

Another thing you could do is stick to the initials, but use project replace now and then.
In that case perhaps add something like # before the initials, so it doesn’t mess wherever those letters may be in that order elsewhere in the text.

There was a good reason why synopsis was excluded from advanced text treatment capabilities. But I unfortunately don’t remember what the reason was.
I just remember it made sense somewhat.

That’s not a bad idea – I make sure all my character have >=3 initials and pick/invent them to avoid clashes with word substrings, but the #prefix is a very practical suggestion - thanks.