Enable Writing Synopsis in Corkboard or Outliner Using Keyboard

Looking for how a behavior is intended to be used. Should be simple, but I can’t seem to find it. Summary is I want to use the keyboard to start typing on cards in the corkboard.

Desired behavior:
I have an index card selected in the corkboard. I want to activate the synopsis text box within towrite a synopsis. Then, press escape to return to the card selection, use arrow keys to select a new index card, and repeat this process to write a synopsis in that.

Experienced behavior:
Once the corkboard editor is activated, I can use the arrow keys to select cards and move cards around.
If I click the card to write in it, I can use tab to switch from title to synopsis. Then hit escape to return to selection.

I can’t seem to write in the card without double clicking it with a mouse. Enter on standard settings makes an entire new card I can write in. I have that disabled, but I still can’t use the keyboard to activate the text box.

Any Ideas?

I’ve just tried it on Windows Scrivener and F2 enters the text box. This is on the Parallels version, but perhaps it will work for you?

In th Corkboard with new Text item selected:

  1. Click title once
  2. Type Synopsis title
  3. Type TAB
  4. Type Synopsis
  5. Type Enter to commit Synopsis text
  6. Type Enter to create a new Card
  7. Go to 2 (!)

Unfortunately, that still means you have to use the mouse for the first step.

On the Mac Escape takes you into the title of the selected note without needing the mouse. It’s the same keystroke you use to edit a document title in the binder, so that makes sense. The logic is the same in Windows, I think, which is why F2 works there.


Yeah, we use the system standard “rename” shortcut, F2, for editing titles in the binder, cards on the corkboard, and rows in the outliner (as well as other things, like keywords in the inspector—just when in doubt, try F2).

Once you are actively editing text on the corkboard, you can use Tab (and Shift-Tab for backwards) to rotate between fields and cards, so you have the option of doing that, or confirming and using arrow keys for spot edits rather than sequential editing.

Another tip: when you aren’t actively editing a field, you can type the first letter of a card title to jump straight to it, or to cycle through cards that start with that letter. That may be faster than arrow keys.


F2 was the perfect solution! I hadn’t previously been aware of F2’s full functionality. Real neat. Thanks Brookter and AmberV! Cool nav tips as well, typing the first letter will be nice.

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