Encoding issue with .doc files

Quick note, maybe I have missed something:
When importing a MS word .doc file with special characters (äöüß) the encoding is not correctly detected, thus changing all special characters to some weird chinese looking symbols.

No problem with RTF files.

Current version of Scriv, mac 10.6.

This is a known problem down to how Microsoft encodes upper levels of UTF-8 compared with how Apple encodes them. Both codings are legal, but it’s a deep down problem … I’ve had a long correspondence with Lit&Lat about it re the sharing — or rather the non-sharing — of projects with Chinese between Windows Scriv and Mac Scriv. The result is total gibberish, not merely one or two characters. NB, I would bet this problem is almost certainly going to affect Windows users who also use iOS-Scriv when it comes out.

That said, I’ve never had problems importing Word docs with both Chinese and English produced under Windows into Mac Scriv; I’m not sure about .docx.

For the moment, just try to use RTF if at all possible.