Encouraging new play writing via the web

Hi everyone,

I’m helping a local theatre in the UK, who have a strong track record in supporting new writers, explore how it can make some of what it does more accessible via the web (something much more engaging than an online book or written course). We have discussed a few concepts and would be keen to try and get some real world users engaged to test out some of the ideas before they go too far. The intention is not to create anything that will compete with Scrivener, rather the goal is to get more people writing plays by providing some stimulating online material (that may result in more people using Scrivener for example).

Is this something that you might be interested in getting involved with? It wouldn’t be too onerous - initially just looking at some sketch ideas that explain the concept and then providing some feedback. If you’d like to get involved, please drop me a note via the private message function of the Forum where I can tell you a little more ‘offline’ (so to speak), to save cluttering the board.