Encrypted backups

I really like Scrivener’s ability to backup to a .zip file. I also like the fact that Scrivener time stamps said .zip file. Wouldn’t it also be nice if you could password-protect said .zip files? I think so.

I put backup copies of my novel on a server so that if my computer gets stolen AND I lose my flash disk, I’ll still have a copy out there in cyber space. I currently use StuffIt Deluxe to encrypt my backups. It works great, but doesn’t automatically time stamp. I usually rename the file to include the current date. Not a big deal, but it would be much better if you could do this all within Scrivener.

Just my two cents! Thanks!

Yes, but doesn’t the Finder always report the day and time of a file’s last modification?

I don’t need all the interim versions of a work, so I just make a Finder-ZIP copy at the end of a session.

Though I agree that the Scrivener-ZIP command can be handy if you don’t have ready access to offline storage.

I’m looking at rejigging preferences and adding a couple more for backups for the next version, so I will look at this - though I’m not promising anything, of course! :slight_smile: