Encrypted Scrivener Files (Boxcryptor) & Dropbox Sync

How does the iOS app get an unencrypted version of the project? If I understand correctly, the whole point of Boxcryptor is that the cloud version of the file is unreadable without the key, even if a bad actor is able to break into Dropbox itself.

Which is great, but that means that iOS applications won’t be able to read the file either, unless Boxcryptor decrypts them first. Exactly how to accomplish that with a complex format like Scrivener’s would be a question for their support team.

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Hi there,

does anyone know if it’s possible to use an encrypting software like Boxcryptor, to secure the scrivener files in dropbox AND use the sync option for the iOS Devices? I tried it yesterday, but i had always an error message like “couldn’t find the binder project file” (or something similar). I ask, because i made a bad experience with dropbox a while ago and it feels not good having important files laying uncrypted in a dropbox folder. Any ideas to solve this problem? Or is there a workaround so that you can decrypt the files in iOS locally, use them, encrypt them and sync them? Strangely, i can open the encrypted files at OSX…

Greets from Berlin

Well, there is a Boxcryptor app as well, but more interesting, when i open the encrypted file on my mac, it will be automatically decrypted and it opens in Scrivener automatically. But thats exactly what doesn’t work on iOS. The thing is, if theres another solution, fine. Important for me would be a solution. I once saw files in my Dropbox Account which i never put in there and others disappear (for a while)… so i try to avoid Dropbox. I have to use it because i have to use Scrivener… :wink:

On the Mac, the Boxcryptor application intercepts and decrypts files as you download them. If, say, you had a laptop with access to the Dropbox folder but no Boxcryptor installation, the files would be unreadable. That’s the whole point of using encryption.

So, you can ask Boxcryptor how to access an encrypted file ‘package’ under iOS. Or you can use iTunes to transfer files to/from the device in order to take Dropbox out of the equation completely. But if Scrivener is presented with an encrypted file, there isn’t really much it can do.


No, it won’t work at all. Scrivener would have to put in support for encfs (the underlying encryption service for Boxcryptor). As Boxcryptor encrypts he filenames and the contents, Scrivener would have no way of knowing file-types or contents without some kind of native encfs support. I also use Boxcryptor with BitTorrent Sync to avoid Dropbox, but … I have had to adopt Dropbox for those documents I need when mobile.

Ok, thanks. Not nice. And there’s no other solution out there? Maybe a Password protection? but this must be implemented in Scrivener too, right?