End matter

Is there an easy way to insert end matter, parallel to front matter? When I print a single chapter on its own, I would like to be able to automatically include a bibliography at the end of the chapter, but when I print the whole book, I would like it printed just at the end of the book. It was the sort of thing I thought must be there, but I cannot see it.

There is no facility for this at this time, and it probably wouldn’t work the way you are describing anyway. What it would be more used for is to note a shift in formatting or page numbering; appendices switching to lettering instead of chapter numbering, for example.

For what you are describing—if you are writing endnotes, why not just use Scrivener’s features for doing so? You get the text of all the notes in the current section, stacked right alongside the main text—or if you use the inline version, interleaved with the main text itself—and proper endnote output when you compile.