End of Chapter Endnotes

Is there a way to structure my content so that the endnotes come at the end of each Chapter?

With two caveats, yes:

  1. There is no such thing as a “chapter” in Scrivener. There are page breaks however, which more often than not are used for chapter breaks, and there are often no endnotes in sections that use page breaks otherwise (like a dedication page or table of contents).
  2. The option to group endnotes at right before a page break is available only if you use Scrivener as your final tool for document production: i.e. PDF.

If both of those caveats fit the way you work, then check out the Footnotes & Comments compile option pane, where you can group endnotes by page break.

Otherwise, it’s a simple matter in most word processors to change this setting after you compile an .rtf, .docx or .odt file. The last time I checked in Word it was a couple of clicks, and I’m sure it’s no more complicated in LibreOffice and other common word processors. Pages might be an exception, given its relative lack of features, but I’m not really familiar with it.