End of document in Edit Scrivenings

I often go to select the entire text, or the end of the text, in an Edit Scrivenings document, and then can’t perform the format or editing function I was hoping to do. That’s because I’ve inadvertently selected whatever end-of-document hidden symbol is there - something that is very easy to do. It is not a HUGE problem to deselect this, but I find myself having to do this way too often.

The question I have is if there’s any way that Scrivener could prevent the user from selecting this hidden symbol (or whatever it is)? Is there any useful action that can be done with this thing selected? It’s like a scolding nun.

I’m afraid it’s not really possible to prevent selection of it, as it’s difficult to know if the user wants to select it - for instance, were the user to select the contents of E.S. and copy and paste it into a different document or word processor, then he or she would almost certainly want these separators selected.
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Might not some simple code logic work:

If text from ONLY ONE document is selected - DO NOT SELECT end-of-document identifier
If text from MORE THAN ONE document is selected - SELECT end-of-document identifier

Although, thinking about your example, does the separator really get selected?

I made an E.S., selected all, copied all, then pasted to a word processor. When I revealed invisibles, I saw carriage returns, but nothing that would indicate “end-of-document.”

Maybe I’m missing something.