Endnote and Scrivener

I am embarking on a thesis, and have downloaded a trial copy of Scrivener because it seemed to really suit my working style. I’ve worked through the full tutorial (which took a long time because I am technologically challenged), but I am still lost about how to make Scrivener compatible with Endnote, which I am using as my reference manager. I’ve searched this and seen an array of suggestions, but I don’t know which work. I’d really like a simple clear answer about:

  1. how to link the two
  2. from people who have written theses using the two, was referencing as easy as using Endnote with Word?

To complicate matters, my university is getting me Dragon Naturally Speaking. I haven’t used this before. Has anyone used it with Scrivener? It seems possible, but I don’t know how easy and reliable it will be.

IT support at my university doesn’t work with Scrivener, so I don’t have anyone technically minded to turn to for advice.

Thanks hugely

I would have loved to see a reply to this. I did see a video on YouTube that gave a pretty rough walk around in using EndNote with Scrivener but it isn’t as seamless as it is in WORD.

I am also interested in Endnote integration with Scrivener

Hi there

I stumbled across this video today.

It demonstrates how to integrate Endnote and also how to insert citations. Basically go to Tools/Options then Bibliography/citation manager and select choose to link it to your Endnote library.

I am using the Windows version - I found that I need to use ctrl O to bring up Endnote and then ctrl C to copy the reference, then crtl V to add it into Scrivener. The video shows you some tips about modifying references.

Hope this helps!