Endnote bibliography font and size

When I export a document to rtf and open it in Word, the font size for bibliographies in the Endnote dialog is always 10pt, even though I have everything in Scrivener set to 12pt and “Override formatting” turned off in the Export menu. My question is, does anyone know what setting in Scrivener would control the setting in Word for Tools > Endnote X7 > Configure Bibliography… > Layout > Size ? Eg, here: i.imgur.com/o45FMtT.png

To cover some of the bases: In a new blank Word document that does not come from Scrivener, the font size for Endnote bibliographies is correctly set to 12pts (the same as in my Normal template).

If I create a new Scrivener project from the Blank template and export it to RTF, it is incorrectly set to TNR 10pt.

If I export to DOCX instead of RTF, the font size is correctly set to 12pt, but the bibliography font itself is now incorrectly set to Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold (the first alphabetically). And the font for the document is incorrectly set to TimesNewRomanPSMT instead of plain Times New Roman. I don’t have TimesNewRomanPSMT, and these sorts of problems are why I always export to RTF, since it’s more native to Scrivener.

What setting in Scrivener do I adjust to set the Endnote font and size after export to Word?

Thanks for your help!

The “Override font” setting in the Footnotes & Comments compile option pane should do what you are looking for.

Thanks for your reply. Setting the “Override font” in Footnotes & Comments does not seem to change the font size setting in the exported document.

Ah, too bad. That’s the only place where we set up endnote/footnote font size, so Endnote must be looking at some other setting to determine this value. I doubt that there is much we can do beyond what we already do, it sounds like something that may be set up as a part of the DOCX format, not RTF. I could be wrong about that. Do you have OpenOffice (without Endnote integrated) or any other word processor (Pages would even work) to test with?

I’ve noticed that Times New Roman font issue with the converter we use, as well (though with ODT). I think it may be more common to address that font as such in Windows, and the tool we use is cross-platform. But yes, as you note, there is rarely any need to even make use of that converter, especially with Word which reads RTF flawlessly.

I would try this to see what happens: Open the Word doc produced from Scrivener output. Select All. Copy. Make a new Word Document. Paste. See if the Endnote setting in this new doc is as you were expecting.

The difference between the compiled one and the fresh one via paste is that the new one will have all of its paragraph styling taken from your Word Normal template. Whereas your compiled RTF file has a rogue Normal paragraph style that is set to 10 pts – and which is confusing Endnote.*


  • When you create a New doc in Word, that document has no paragraph styles of its own; it inherits all styles from Word’s Normal template. In particular it inherits the styling of a Normal paragraph – and it is this that the Endnote plugin is looking at. The font size of a Normal paragraph in your Normal template in your Word installation is no doubt set to 12pts.

BUT when you generate an RTF file via compile in Scrivener, that file has two paragraph styles of its own: in particular, it has its own “local” version of the Normal paragraph style – and the font size of this paragraph style is 10pts. The Endnote CWYW plugin appears to be reading this “local” Normal paragraph setting to decide what font size it should use for the bibliography – rather than using the global Normal style which is also present via the active Normal template.

So, the question is how is the compiled rtf file showing up with its own embedded Normal style setting? (I note Word will not let you delete it, if you go into the Template organizer in Word, because, it says, it is ‘bult-in’.) From examining the RTf code of a scriv-generated doc, it is not at all obvious that the rtf file is specifying this “rogue” Normal para style. Admittedly, there is a lot of header info that I don’t really understand there.

Yes, if I copy and paste the exported text to a new file, the Endnote font size is correct at 12pt instead of 10. Thanks for your explanation of this. It helps to know that there isn’t a simple fix. It’s not much trouble to change the font size after exporting, and everything else works perfectly.

Just dropping in a note to say that we should have a solution for this worked out in the future once full stylesheets are implemented.