Endnote bug in 2.0?

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just my inexperience with Scrivener. I’m using the new (real) 2.0.

If I include an inspector footnote, and then compile is set to output footnotes as endnotes, there is no endnote output. If I include at least one inline footnote, then convert inline to inspector footnotes, and then output, all the footnotes do get output as endnotes.

I’m outputting to RTF. I’m also opening in Word 2011.


Could you please send me a project that exhibits this problem? I can’t reproduce it. Admittedly I haven’t got Word 2011 yet, but as it’s just using RTF standards, and seeing as the inline and inspector footnotes use exactly the same code for RTF conversion, this shouldn’t be a factor.

Did you definitely add an inspector footnote and not a comment (sorry to ask the obvious)?


Thanks for the quick reply Keith. Let me test around a little more to make sure it’s not just a stupid mistake on my part. (Yes, I was adding an inspector footnote, Cntrl-Cmd-8, and not a note.)

Well, I wish I could report that it was just me, but it doesn’t seem like it. But it’s also apparently random for me.

I open a new (blank template) document, create a page with some text, add an inspector note, set layout options to flatten the footnote text, set the footnotes to appear at the placeholder text (<$–ENDNOTES–>), compile, and … it works. But sometimes I’ll start a new document, do the same set up, and it doesn’t work – no footnote number in the main text, no endnote text. If I add a second footnote, both of them will be in the compiled RTF.

For a while I thought it might be related to whether I’d saved the document or not. But I can’t seem to pin that down either.

Hmm, I wonder if somehow the endnote hasn’t been saved by that point - although that shouldn’t make a difference because Compile works from the live version, not from the on-disk representation. So no, that wouldn’t be it. Are you able to make a project where this bug happens even after re-opening the project? If so, could you please zip it up and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com with “(for Keith, as requested on forums)” somewhere in the title?