Endnote drag & drop citations from Scrivener not recognized

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I have been using Scrivener and Endnote X2 for my thesis writeup and after converting to rtf, and using Pages ‘09 for the final formatting I have found that the references dragged and dropped from Endnote are not recognized by Pages bibliography setup. I have seen this question asked before but there didn’t really seem any answer as to what I should do now. I need to submit and I have everything ready except for the bibliography. I am at the end of my tether as it seems to me the only option I have now is to manually replace every instance of a drag and drop reference (over 800) with Pages’ insert citation function. Please help! :cry:

  1. You might review the Pages '09 Help File, especially the section called “Adding Citations and Bibliographies Using EndNote,” just to see if you’ve done anything wrong. Otherwise, read on.

  2. I take it the footnotes are OK and all you have left is bibliography. Fortunately, that’s easy to add from Endnote using Copy and Paste.

  3. Open your EndNote library for this project. If you have non-project references in the library, create one called Dissertation and transfer only the 800 sources you’re going to cite.

  4. Select the Output style required for your dissertation (MLA, APA, etc.).

  5. Sort the items by Author, with last name first.

  6. Select All (Cmd-A). Then Cmd-K. That copies the items in formatted output style.

  7. Go to the first page of your bibliography and paste, Cmd-V.

  8. Your bibliography should be in correct order and style. You might have to adjust spacing and add a hanging indent, so the author names show clearly. If the formatting is incorrect (titles should be in italics, not underlined) go back and correct the Output Style in EndNote, and then Copy/Paste again.

  9. Don’t use the conventional Copy (Cmd-C), as that will only copy the reference numbers.

  10. Good luck, and congratulations.

Thanks for your help Druid, I really appreciate it.
Will your technique work in formating the citations within the text? i.e. will {Ritsema, 2003 #64} automatically change to (Ritsema et al., 2003)?
Thanks again.

It sounds as though your footnotes (or endnotes) are OK.
And you will be getting the bibliography into shape.
For those parenthetical citations in the text, you may have to hand-edit them.
Although I would think that the EndNote Help file can advise on that.

I seriously hope you won’t have to hand-edit them. I don’t use EndNote or Pages, but aren’t there two types of integration between citation managers and word processors?

(1) You paste (or enter by hand) the citation manager’s custom codes as ordinary text in the word processor. You then “scan” the near-final document with the citation manager, with a tiny possibility for inaccuracy, because it’s just text.

(2) You insert special citation objects in your word processor, which when clicked can link back to the original references, and when scanned by the citation manager are guaranteed to be correctly replaced.

Because Scrivener doesn’t support (2), surely you’re in the region of (1), whether you use Pages or not? There’s no way for compiled Scrivener drafts to support Pages’ internal EndNote citation object system. So: can’t you completely ignore Pages’ citation options and use EndNote to process the text, as text? I would think EndNote has different options on how it scans a document, e.g. “Parse RTF document for ‘{Author, Date, #Code}’ format”. Assuming Pages still doesn’t do RTF footnote importing, and if you’re adding footnotes of any kind in Pages, you’d possibly want to do the manual scanning when it’s still an RTF document, and not a Pages document.

As has been mentioned, Apple’s RTF support is really poor, so I’m wondering if this is the problem? Are these citations in footnotes or similar? Apple won’t import RTF footnotes, so if that were the case, you would need to convert the file in another word processor first before opening in Pages.
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Endnote can process rtf files directly. Since you are compiling to rtf anyway, I would try having Endnote process the rtf output file before pulling it up in Pages for tidying. See if that works.