EndNote footnotes in Scrivener not showing up in Word

I’ve recently started using EndNote as my bibliographic manager, and would like to use it with Scrivener. I’ve learned how to insert an EndNote citation into a Scrivener document, however I want them to be exported to Word as footnotes (i.e. Chicago style), not in-text citations. In Word, under the EndNote toolbar, style is selected as ‘Chicago’. However, when I click the ‘Update Citations and Bibliography’ button, the raw text EndNote citation disappears, but there is no superscript cite number in the document indicating that there is a footnote, nor is there a footnote.
I’ve tried configuring the style details in EndNote itself, but nothing works.
The whole point of these programs is that they should make our writing and documentation easier, but I seem to have nothing but problems with them!


I think that Endnote, like other reference managers, inserts temporary citation markers in scrivener. Then you compile your draft to rtf format and run that file through another routine in Endnote, that inserts the final citation format and adds a bibliography. The new file thus created should open in Word.

(Also see page 526-7 in the Scrivener Manual)

On using footnotes instead in-text citations, open the Inspector and select footnote (cf under comments and footnotes) and insert the temporary citation marker there.

I hope this is helpful