Endnote help please


I’d like to get my department onto this (and to use it for my thesis), but we need to be able to use EndNote with the Windows version.

Can someone please take me through the steps required to reference using EndNote and then export into a word .docx file at the end with an intact EndNote reference list.

Thanks heaps!

This is the workaround that I use. Copy and paste the endnote code for a reference in to the text in Scrivener (or as a footnote in Scrivener if you’re using a footnote style). After compile into word you can ask endnote to format bibliography and the references should be formatted in to the proper form. I think the bibliography should appear at this point too depending on the endnote style that you’re using.

P.S. there seem to be some issues getting footnotes to work if you export directly to Word at the moment. Export the text to .rtf and you should be able to open with Word and format the endnotes without problems.