endnote integration

i look forward to scrivener having an endnote plugin as in word so that we could use the cite as you write option.

There aren’t any immediate plans to provide anything of this nature. The road block is significant: there is no plug-in architecture in Scrivener for third-party developers like Endnote to make use of in the first place—and a plug-in architecture is something that requires a large investment of time. We do have it on our “pie in the sky” list, but with our current resources and the list of things we currently have to accomplish, it is not practical to pursue it at this time.

In the meanwhile, most people pick up the alternate method with ease. You copy text placeholders out of Endnote and paste them into Scrivener where they should appear. When the project is complete and compiled, you simply open the RTF in Word and click a button to convert them to formatted citations. Most of the people I’ve spoken with actually end up preferring this cleaner method to the complicated and error-prone plug-in system, I hope you can find it useful too.

I agree with Amber - to me the current way of using EndNote with Scrivener is preferrable to a WYSIWYG-approach. Scrivener is all about writing, not about formatting and looks. In my current workflow I drag and drop references from EndNote into Scrivener, just like I would have done in Word. You end up with inline footnotes in Scrivener that looks like this:

{Gran, 1927 #23}

…which is the placeholder you’ll see in word too, if you ask word to not format the placeholder. You can also use the keyboard shortcut shift-alt-cmd-e to directly insert the currently selected reference(s) in EndNote into Scrivener.

Then, when you’ve compiled your document into either word or RTF, you can have endnote scan through and format the references according to whatever style you want them in.