EndNote x2 exclude author's name


I’m using EndNote X2 to insert temporary citations into Scrivener. FOr some of these citations, I need to exclude the author’s name. Does anyone know how to mark up a temporary citation to exclude the name?



I don’t know any way to tell EndNote to do that, unless you leave the name field blank. Which might affect the reference-sorting in your Bibliography.

I can think of two crude workarounds: substitute a symbol for the author’s name (instead of Shultz, write Sh***tz), or else wait until after you have compiled, do a global edit on the word-processing file to replace Shultz with some other name.

I just checked the Help file of version X2 and found a helpful discussion under “Entering References: Author and Editor Names” which might be good to review. If the reference has no author, Help says to leave it blank rather than type Anonymous. Use Anonymous only if it says that on the title page.

Hi, Amafortas,

Just delete the author name. So, instead of something like
{Hemingway, 2008 #2300, pp. 153-155}
you will have something like
{, 2008 #2300, pp. 153-155}

I would be remiss in my duties if I did not gently suggest that you spend some time with the Endnote User’s Guide! It details all the variants on temporary citations to achieve various effects–and many other things that will make you a happy. Self-test: suppose you wanted a citation that, when rendered, only showed the page numbers.


P.S. BTW, this sort of question surely belongs in the Software by Other Folks section, not under Scrivener Tech Support.


Thanks for the suggestion. But as far as gentle go, let me point out that exclamation points are far from it. Actually, they are a bit spiky!!!

Have a good one,


A needling suggestion, then, but it is a pinprick and no more. Just enough to quicken the pulse. :wink: