As I am eagerly awaiting Scrivener for Windows (I couldn’t start my life over again on a Mac, even if it looks as if my life will be saved by SforW - deep gratitude guys) and I have a fair part of my academic life in Endnote - I would be very grateful for any suggestions as to how to marry the two.

Many thanks in advance - and eagerly waiting for the chance to put down my cash on the nail next month,


I can only tell you how it works on the Mac side.
In Preferences: General, set the Bibliography/Citations Manager to EndNote.
Press Choose…and navigate to the application, then Open.
To insert a citation, use Format: Bibliography/Citations…
That launches EndNote. Select the item you wish to insert.
Whether inline or footnote, you have two ways to copy/paste the citation.
As a code (Cmd-C): {Weber, 2004 #3818}
Or formatted (Cmd-K): Weber, Sandra. The Personal Computer, Transforming Power of Technology. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, 2004.
When you compile and export, your word processor will scan the files and format the coded citations.
For bibliography, I recommend selecting all citations, Cmd-K, and pasting in the file.
They will appear in A-Z order, in the selected output style.