Endnotes AND footnotes

Writing a non-fiction book which (in Word) was using both footnotes for issues of immediate relevance and endnotes for all the technical stuff such as sources.
I cannot find this option in Scrivener.
Have I missed something? (I’m assuming I’ll just have to do some additional reformatting when I export back to Word for final page-setting.)
Any suggestions welcome!

You could use comments or inline annotations for one stream. In the Footnotes/Comments tab of Compile, these can be set to export as footnotes or endnotes rather than as inline notation or margin comments. Then you could just do the final cleanup in Word.

Note that you couldn’t also export your comments or inline notes as comments in this case. You could exclude one or the other, so e.g. you could use inline annotations in Scrivener to make notes to yourself and use the inspector comments to create endnotes, then tick the option to exclude the annotations from compile and to compile the comments as endnotes. You just can’t compile comments one way and annotations another in the same run.

Thanks Jennifer!
I’ll take a look at that.