Endnotes by Chapters

Hi folks,

I’ve been using Scrivener (1.9 Windows) for a while for an academic work.

I’ve got 20+ chapters and would like to generate a separate references/endnote list for each chapter (preferably at the end of each chapter which is standard).

I can make the endnote list appear anywhere in the document, but I can only generate a single list (for all 20+ chapters). I don’t seem able to place more than one endnote list in a project, or even a single endnote list with chapter headings.

Has anyone come across this problem? Any suggestions?

I think you can only do this in a word processor like Word or Mellel (what I’m using). In the word processor, create sections for each chapter and set endnotes to restart for each section. The problem I’m having is that there still doesn’t seem to be any way to add chapter headings within the endnote stream using any word processor I have––and this is what my press want for my manuscript. Did you find a way to solve this problem?