Endnotes Executable Plug-n-play?

Just got Scrivener for Windows… Messing with “Tools>Options” and noticed a space for “Bibliography/Citations Manager” – My new Scriv listed “None” when I clicked the [Choose…] Button, I received a File Browse Window asking me to select a .exe file to (I assume) enable my Scrivener to managed my non-fiction endnotes and bibliography.

  1. Is this the case? Can I plug-n-play an executable program to enable my Scrivener to manage endnotes, et al.?

  2. If so, what is the file, an where do I get it?

  3. If NOT, how do I create and manage endnotes?

Thank you.

Scrivener can integrate with a third-party bibliography/citation manager. To set this up you would have to download and install a manager such as EndNote.

Any handy links as to where one might find “Endnote” or other such program?

Google is your friend :wink:


And here’s a wiki page that compares a large number of different such programs

Ok. trying the trial version of Endnotes… Doesn’t appear to work with Scrivener. What m I doing wrong?