Endnotes exporting incorrectly

In an export (to Vellum), my footnotes are set to be converted to endnotes. When I export to Docx, the footnotes correctly go to endnotes, and all of them are visible.

However, when I use the Export to Vellum setting, only 2 of my 25 footnotes import into Vellum. This is a compile issue, but I can’t decipher what creates this bug. I’ve tried to re-insert the footnotes, I’ve tried to reformat the footnotes.

I expect something in the compile is tagging the footnotes/endnotes incorrectly. I have read in other threads and forums about this incompatibility. But as I said, I suspect it’s a bug in the compile.

Make sure you have the latest version of Scrivener, 3.2.2, which fixes some known bugs in our format converter.

If that doesn’t help, open the .DOCX file in a copy of Word, which will eliminate the possibility of errors on the Vellum side of things.

If you don’t have access to Word, it would also be worth trying Nisus Writer Pro, but that’s less definitive. Microsoft defines how .DOCX files “should” behave.