Endnotes Tag

I inserted the endnotes tag in my scrivener file but upon output, I only see the tag itself, while the endnotes are still placed at the very end of the document. I tried dragging the footnotes page over from the APA template as suggested here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/endnotes-marker/17982/1
but that did not do it either. Help please!

I am increasingly confused. In the APA template description it says

However, I cannot find any “Flatten Footnotes” option in the Layout Options in the compile window when exporting either to rtf or doc. Help really required… thanks.

Okay, found the flatten footnotes option. It is under rtf compatibility, not under layouts. However, that does not solve the endnotes issue. I still see the actual tag in the output file instead of the footnotes being placed there.

Apologies for the confusion - the “Flatten footnotes” option did used to be under a pane called “Layout Options” but it was later moved, and I obviously missed updating the instructions in the template.

However, I just tested it and it worked fine when I tried exporting to RTF. It will only work with RTF (or with Print or PDF) - are you using these formats?

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Hi Keith,

I have tried all of these formats. My standard output is rtf. “Flatten Footnotes” works well, but placing the footnotes at the <$–ENDNOTES–> tag does not work (with or without flattened footnotes). Instead, the tag just appears in the output file as regular text.

Hi Keith,

I have solved the riddle. Only if “flatten footnotes” is selected in the compatibility menu, the choice to “Group footnotes” at the footnote tag appeares in the footnotes menu in the export window. I think this back and forth was too much for me… — I checked the manual. Maybe I checked the wrong places though.