I’ve just gone from and InDesign file, saved as RTF and imported into Scrivener. The end result will be an e-book. I need to add ‘electronic’ endnotes. (If this was staying as a paper document, adding superscript numbers, foot and endnotes, etc… simple.) But I need linked notes that don’t exist in the original files because they were only going to be paper and only paper.


Is there a reason you can’t use the built-in footnote features for this? Scrivener’s inspector footnotes would become numbered foot- or endnotes for print formats, or linked numbered footnotes for e-book formats, matching how footnotes are done in most e-books.

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I am not seeing, easily anyway, how I physically link something from Chapter 1 to a specific text in a different document called ‘endnotes’. What logical step am I missing? I understand that when I compile, the different docs are all together, but not seeing how the two things are matched before I get to compile. Thanks for your help!