Enhanced epub export

Scrivener’s epub export is excellent but it would be good to see support for epub 3 and/or pop-up footnotes in epub 2.

This is on the list for the future, definitely. Popup footnotes are known to have some issues on iBooks, though (links within them don’t work - an iBooks bug), and epub 3 doesn’t offer vast amounts over epub 2 for Scrivener’s purposes, since the main enhancements centred upon multimedia books, something that Scrivener isn’t intended for. But as I say, epub 3 support is definitely on the list, it’s just non-trivial. There’s also the problem that epub 3 uses HTML 5, and we don’t have a way of exporting to HTML 5 at the moment, as Apple don’t supply HTML 5 exporters with their frameworks.

Thanks and all the best,