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Open the application ‘Pages’ which is the word processor written by Apple. Now click on the ‘Format’ button that appears at the top right of the screen. Now you will be presented with a plethora of formatting options for your document.

I would love to see this in Scrivener to replace the current formatting bar. This bar takes up screen space that could otherwise be freed up if this functionality were moved into your inspector tab that appears at the right much like the one in pages. Also you could expose many more formatting options here than are currently showed in your formatting bar which is not customizable. There are many things that are too difficult to get to such as paragraph spacing and converting text to upper case. These and many other options should appear in the newly created inspector tab.

Lastly how about letting us assign key binds?

I don’t follow your reasoning here - the formatting bar takes up a lot less space than Pages’ inspector!

Scrivener will be keeping the formatting bar - for one, I much prefer it, but more importantly, Scrivener already has an inspector that does something completely different: it shows the meta-data pertaining to the current document. It would make no sense to mix formatting options into an area used for something completely different. Scrivener isn’t a word processor, and so it’s inspector is entirely different to one.

It is already possible to assign your own keyboard shortcuts to menu items, as it is for any application on the Mac, using the Keyboard > Shortcuts pane of System Preferences.

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I do understand your points namely that Scrivener is not a word processor and that an inspector already exists serving another purpose. I tend to use your application to create student workbooks for classes that I teach and like to spruce them up a bit with some features that would be more word processor like. I can only assume that I am not alone in this regard in how I use Scrivener.

Perhaps as you so eloquently pointed out my ideas were not well thought out so let me try and word it differently. I am not asking for you to turn the application into a word processor, only to make it easier for me to access what is already there. It is cumbersome to hit a menu every time I want to change paragraph spacing or change text into upper case. Perhaps allow the formatting bar to be customized like the toolbar already is.


Apparently this would involve a disproportionate amount of work on OS X, so it seems it is unlikely to happen.



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Any command/function that can be found on one of the menus up on the menu bar can be given a key command (aka “key bind”) via System Preferences. If you take a tour of the Format menu, you will see that most of the things on the format bar live there too. So, you can assign a handy key command for the ‘To Uppercase’ command, for example. Many formatting things like that have menu equivalents, so can be given keyboard shortcuts.


P.S. Paragraph spacing is another matter – it is all dialog box, so no easy shortcut there. But you might consider making some custom paragraph presets. These will show up on your presets pop-up in the format bar, but also on a menu, so you can assign keys to them also!