Enhanced iOS Scrivener

I’d love to see an enhanced version of the iOS app targeting and making use of the power of the M1 on the new iPad Pros plus the extra memory on those devices.

The iOS Scrivener is great, however, do believe device capabilities have changed significantly since the original release.

By design, Scrivener does not assume that users have the latest and greatest hardware.

Most of the limitations of iOS Scrivener have more to do with the iOS toolkit and the touchscreen interface than the processing power of the hardware.

what, not going to bend to my reasonable demands? :thinking:

Scrivener is doomed!

Just being facetious. :grin:

Yeah, to illustrate the backwards compatibility focus, Scrivener for iOS was designed to run on iOS 9, and still runs fine on a second generation iPad, as well as an iPhone 4 (last I had one to check with anyway). There are some things you can do to target specific pieces of hardware of course. A good example of that is how the largest phones offer a binder + editor view in landscape mode. You don’t want to do too much of that though, as that way leads to spaghetti code.

Besides the UI limitations, there are also underlying operating system and development toolkit limitations which don’t really extend to the hardware, and most of those are still relevant limitations today. It doesn’t matter how fast the chip is, when the text engine still can’t do something as rudimentary as bullets.

Quite possibly the only major and relevant game changer that has come out recently is an increased level of integration with Files.app, as a form of central data storage that multiple apps can access, including third-party sync tools. I’ve seen this work nicely between, for example, a Markdown editor and Tresorit sync. Whether such would work well with a 3gb 4,500 file repository is another matter.

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