Enhanced Keywords

I just have to say cudos on a great program!

I have a quick wish: it would be nice just to tweak the keywords setup ever so slightly. Even something as simple as an auto-complete would add a bit of finesse to the current feature. I like it when the program knows exactly what I want. I use keywords more than labels or status, especially under the research folder, and I really see keywords as how tags are used in other programs.

In fact, auto-complete would bring the feature almost completely in line with a tagging system (like Notae or Yojimbo), which would really make Scrivener a complete writer’s tool. No more having to switch between the two just to look at my program.

Not sure how difficult it would be to implement, but if it’s worth it, I think it would be the cherry on top of Scrivener.

Thanks again!

Actually, keywords already have auto-complete, but it’s implemented in the same way as auto-complete works in the rest of the OS X text system: hit opt-Esc or cmd-period after typing the first letter or two of your keyword in the keywords pane, and a list of auto-completions based on the keywords list will appear.

All the best,

Wow, cmd-period will do the job nicely… Thanks!

Maybe another suggestion then: I noticed the keywords can be arranged in a hierarchy. What about when you assign a keyword, it’s parent will also be assigned automatically. For example:

----Red Delicious
----Granny Smith

In this case, if I pick Terrier, Dog automatically gets attached as well. Pitbull doesn’t get attached. Also, if I pick Dog, nothing else gets attached. The parent keyword (Dog) must also relate to whatever document is being assigned lower level keyword (Terrier). It’s another one of those times that the software just knows what you’re thinking.

The key benefit is when you go to search by keyword. Now, when I search for Apple, I get all the Red Delicious entries, all the Granny Smith entries, and any entries that are only assigned the parent keyword Apple. So then I can decided to search by narrower keywords, or more general ones. This dramatically increases efficiency when doing research and trying to pinpoint the information for when you’re actually writing. I think the beauty of meta-data is to help me find what I’m looking for as fast as I need it. More time reading and writing, less time searching. I think that to be an efficient writer, all my research should be in one program, easily accessed, easily manipulated. I also haven’t seen anything like this in another program, so it would be Scrivener first :smiley:

I also think it’s a simple alternative to smart folders that many programs like Journler and Yojimbo have, since it will fit into the current Search structure. I’m not saying Scrivener should try and duplicate those efforts - in fact, I think the proposed solution might even be better than the 1-dimensional tagging found in other programs. But enhancing the keywords functionality would be invaluable, in my opinion.

Either way, it’s a wish :slight_smile:

I too would like to see the whole hierarchy get applied into the keyword fields. If you have say, “history” as a main keyword and “Napoleon” as a child of that keyword … it would be great if dragging in “Napoleon” would apply both “napoleon” and "history into the keyword fields.