Enhanced Novel Template Created

Greetings all, hope everyone is well! If you are in the states, surviving yet again, another polar vortex. Hold fast warmth is on the way.

I created an enhanced version of the novel template and would like your feed back. How it can be improved. I have been researching the writing process for a long time, since my Master’s education in the 90’s, through my Phd and now trying to turn a hobby into something more. I’ve collected information and created more in-depth templates and an area for brainstorming, etc. I am unfortunately unemployed at the moment and have to fill my free time with honing my skills, and keeping abreast of trends, writing, etc., when not looking for employment. So here it is, after that long winded introduction. Please let me know if there is a problem with the link.


updated something already…

This is just the project template copied from my project folder…I just saw the settings I need to follow, give me a moment to try that…and post it…

Well I have a newer version and hopefully this will help.

  1. Save the project template to a folder you designate.
  2. Open Scrivener, select New Project.
  3. In the drop down options box, select import template.
  4. Go to designated folder and click on the template.
  5. Should open template.
  6. Save as project template into your system support folder Scrivener > Reveal Support Folder into Project templates or my templates folder…

again, let me know if you need help…