Enhanced Structure Editing and Output

I write technical and research papers and am impressed by Scrivener’s content editing and project management features. They are a pleasure to use.

I would like to recommend a few, probably major, enhancements to it structural editing capability, however. I would like to easily add structure elements (without manual markup) and then compile as structured document for use by formatting/typesetting applications such as Quark and InDesign.

  1. Export/Compile to Structured Formats
    Compile option for MMD and plain XML. We can use XML as input to InDesign for professional formatting. I mention MMD because the current MMD export doesn’t work in he way I’d like. For example, create a list and table using Scrivener’s tools, compile as MMD; those elements will not be converted into MMD tags.

  2. UI for structured elements
    A great benefit of an editor like Scrivener is that writer’s can concentrate on content and structure and leave formatting for later or even to someone else :slight_smile:. I recommend that Scrivener provide structural editors to handle the most common elements just as it does for sections. For example, inserting a itemized/bullet list would insert a special block into the editor, text entered in the block would export as an XML or MMD bulletized list. No need to render the list in Scrivener with actual bullets.

Do the same the same for tables (with captions), graphics (with captions), footnotes, block quotes, italics, and so on for every element MMD supports. Export as MMD or XML, use MMD or InDesign/Quark to create presentation formats (ePub, PDF, HTML, etc.).

Sorry for the long message. Structured editing is not well supported these days except for FrameMaker and a few, highly user-unfriendly XML editors. I can show you an example of an application that did that wonderfully in the distant past if you are interested.