Enhancement to Preserve Formatting


I think that the “preserve formatting” option is very useful when you have to compile the document. But I think also that a goog enhancement could be to choose which formatting to keep.

For example, I’d like to choose to preserve the alignment of my document, but to use the default compile font, or to preserve only the size and/or the color of the text, and so on.

I could use the “Convert” in Document menu every time I change someting, but it could be useful to set what to preserve automatically.

Thank you, Luca.

There are a few enhancements in this regard in the next update. In the Compile Draft sheet, you can choose what gets overridden - just the font, or everything except alignment, spacing and so on. There’s also a new feature called “Preserve Style”. You select some text and choose this, and the selected text gets a blue highlight and dotted lines around it to indicate that it will be preserved. This allows you to preserve the formatting of just part of a document if you so wish.
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Very good!

Thank you!