Enhancements to Ruler, Searches, Tags and more

Hi Keith,

I bought Scrivener a few days ago and I’m very impressed with its functionality and simplicity. That said, I’ve been using Word for a long time (too long), but I’ve got used to some of its features and would love to see those incorporated in Scrivener.

Don’t worry – these are relatively minor things!

Here’s my wish list:


Scrivener has already got most of the every day features – line spacing, lists and styles. But I think it would be complete with pull-down menu for fonts and other font attributes not included in styles, such as strikethrough. Perhaps some others could be created too – like superscript, small caps and all caps.

Line and Word Spacing

It’s difficult to know precisely how many spaces there are between words or between blocks of text. It would be good to have the option of showing the spaces between words as well as paragraph marks, as Word allows.

I’d love to see this in both the standard text editor and full screen modes.

Import Dictionary

I’d also love to be able to import a dictionary.

More Tags

It would be nice to have the option of adding a larger number of tags, rather than being limited to just two (ie Label and Status).

Annotation Search

The main search field enables a wide range of specific searches – everything, it seems, except searching annotations. I know there is a separate Annotation Search, but I think it would be great to incorporate Annotations as an option in the general search field.

That’s it, Keith. As you can see, they’re not big wishes but – for me, at least – they would make a great application even better.

Many thanks.

I believe these are both on the list for 2.0.

Scrivener uses the OS X system dictionary, so any words you add to it should be available to every program that uses the same system.

Unless you’re thinking of something else?

Try keywords! You can create as many keywords as you want, and attach them to as many documents as you want, and attach as many keywords to a single document as you want.

Hi Janra,

Good to know some of my wishes are already on the to-do list.

Thanks also for the tip re Scrivener using the OS X system dictionary … I would like to import my Word custom dictionary – so now I know where to import it.

Yes, keywords gives me more options. I have already set up a bunch, but just thought that having the option of more tags was a nice idea.

Thanks again for your help.

Well the problem is, they aren’t really tags, as you phrase it (not sure how you mean the word as most people use it as a synonym for keywords these days). Label and status are two special pieces of meta-data which have individual visual mechanisms in use throughout the application. For example, if you go to a Corkboard and then go to View/Corkboard menu, you’ll see two options: View Pins and View Stamps. Pins correspond to labels and apply the colour of the label to the pin (which looks like a little push pin). Status gets stamped diagonally across the front of the card. Further, these two items are used to tint icons, card paper, and so on.

If the user could just add more types of meta-data, where would these new meta-data go? How would they be visually displayed in the various views? They aren’t really meant to be “tags” in the keyword sense of the word where you can have a floating amount of them from zero to one hundred, they are something more integrated and fundamental to the application than that. Two different methods to describe the type and state of a document—by default.

What is it about the annotation finder that doesn’t suit you? If you need an overview of all comments in the project that you can skim, try “File/Export/Comments…”