Enlarging the canvas more organically

Apologies if someone already requested this feature, but:

When moving around in Scapple with the hand tool (spacebar), it would be really nice to be able to move past the edges of what Scapple currently considers to be the canvas, thus enlarging the canvas on the fly. This would be much easier than the current way I have to enlarge the canvas, which is to create a note and then drag it off the edge of the screen until the canvas grows to catch up.

The way I work, I usually want the section of the canvas that I am working on at the center of my screen, both for ease of focus and so that I have space on every side to instantly drop a note if I need to. Letting me scroll anywhere with the hand tool, while enlarging the canvas on the fly to accommodate this, would let me center whatever part of my Scapple I am working on instantly, regardless of where it is, without having to pause and give myself more room by manually dragging a note around.


We’ve discussed this in the past. As I recall, it wasn’t outright rejected but put aside as a potential refinement for the future. The easiest way to do this right now is to put down the note you intend to have off to the side, and then select everything except for that note and move the whole board away from it. Now you’ve accomplished the exact same thing, with the same number of steps.

I’ve been trying to implement this as you describe, but it’s counterintuitive (to me, at least).I want to see open space and start dropping. To drop and move feels awkward… I still have to scroll out there in order to see the extra space around it.

I think I understand that you don’t want the document just growing haphazardly, but perhaps there is a way to do it in relation to the outside nodes. How about a enough space to allow the outside node to be centered on the screen?

Holding ‘z’ to zoom out and releasing ‘z’ to recenter is really close to how I work. Z-out: I see the big picture. Z-in: I jump to an area to start working. I like that. If the z-in node was truly centered it would be easy to see any open space. As it is now, though, even if the document has more space out to the side, when I z-in to that node, I still have to mouse-drag or scroll to the side to see any open space.

Thanks for considering. I’m still in the trial period with the software, but it’s a good piece of software. Nice work.

Hmm, I see what you mean on Windows, and how moving items causes the view to change its scroll position, causing the original area you opened up to move out of the display. That’s probably something we should fix in itself. What should happen is you should have the ability to drag whole clusters around without the view position changing, so you would in effect be left precisely where you started, with a bunch of blank space to work in.

I’d second this.

There’s a nice IOS app called Popplet where your text boxes are in the middle of an infinite canvas that you can move around as you like. It creates an incredible sense of freedom.

Before I started using it, I’d assumed that Scapple would work the same way.